Frequent Flyers

If you, like us, enjoy several trips to the snow each winter, then our frequent flyer package is here to make your life easier and your travel cheaper. Maybe you have friends or relatives living in the Valais, maybe you own a property there. Or maybe you just can’t get enough of the white stuff (snow, that is).

We’re offering you the opportunity to block book a quantity of flight tickets in advance to use whenever you like. As soon as there’s a fresh dump, use your Season Pass and powdair will have you on the piste in no time.

Think of it this way. You enjoy a family holiday in the Valais each year during the Christmas break, totaling eight flights. You’ll maybe squeeze in a couple of weekend trips with your best ski mate before the season ends. That’s a further eight flights. The powdair Season Pass gives you the chance to buy 10, 20 or 30 tickets in advance with a 20% discount, based on the same departure airport for all flights and subject to seat availability.

How our powdair Season Pass works

Our limited edition Season Pass allows you to book flights for friends and family members too - only the Season Pass holder can book the flights but reservations can be made for any named passenger.

You can choose which direction to fly - tickets don’t have to be split equally between outbound and inbound, as you may have guests you wish to book travel for and not just use them for yourself. The price of a Season Pass is based on 20% off the cheapest published adult ticket price for that route, meaning you actually save far more when travelling at peak times when our prices rise slightly.

You simply choose which airport you'll be flying from, buy your Season Pass and then whenever you wish to book a flight, email us at and we’ll make your reservation for you. During the coming months, we'll be adding more functionality to our website and reservations system to make it possible for you to book your own tickets online - but please bear with us in the meantime!

Changes to your reservations will be possible under the same terms as if you’d made a standard reservation. 

There is no additional price saving for purchasing larger books of tickets - we just provide you with three options so you don’t risk buying too large a book of tickets and risk not using them all before the end of the season as unredeemed tickets are not transferable to the 2018/19 season.

If you would like prices for either a 10, 20 or 30 ticket Season Pass just let us know which airport you will be flying from and we would be happy to quote you.

But availability is limited – only 2,000 seats on all of our routes are available to buy as a Season Pass this winter, so get in there quick!

To reserve your powdair Season Pass now, email us at

And don’t forget. You can book our Tesla airport transfers in exactly the same way! It’s our aim to make holidays in the Valais easier than ever before.